About Elevate Your State

Elevate Your State is a health and performance organization led by me, TJ Anderson, to help individuals and organizations build a smarter, more impactful approach to their ‘health hacking’ game-plan. But what exactly is health hacking?


Plus, who is TJ Anderson?

And How does He know about HEALTH?

With a unique background in healthcare consulting, health coaching for high performance and personal experience of hacking my own health, I’ve spent the last decade traveling down the rabbit hole of what it means to create sustainable, optimal health behavior change in our modern-day world. But I didn’t start there.

Photoshoot for a Modeling Gig, April 2015.

Photoshoot for a Modeling Gig, April 2015.


In college I became use to performing in front of the camera at events as a mascot for my University. After college, while running my online health coaching business, I decided to take the mask off and move to Miami, FL to explore a side-hustle career in modeling.

I thought modeling would serve as a platform for me to spread my message of healthy living to the world. Instead, my six-pack wasn’t good enough for the cameras, I fell into perfection mindset with my body and had a lot of emotional and financial stress to boot.

This experience led me to take a break from not just modeling, but also health coaching, to focus on self-coaching (AKA- health hacking and healing in my own life). And I ended up writing a book about this health hacking entire experience.

The Art of Health Hacking

What is the premise of the book?

My book written from 2014-2017 and launched in the Summer of 2018.

My book written from 2014-2017 and launched in the Summer of 2018.

“We don’t lack the science, information or technology to live healthy, we lack the art to use these resources effectively.”

With a focus on democratizing the science of sustainable behavior change, this book is a self-coaching guide for modern day health conscious leaders. Merging the fundamentals with the cutting-edge, The Art of Health Hacking profiles innovation in the worlds of healthcare, biohacking and self-compassion with the intention to inspire people to take their health into their own hands and become their own health coach (aka- a health hacker).

It’s written from my perspective as a health coach, working with clients, as a health care consultant, training healthcare providers on how they communicate with patients, and as a self coach, to hack my health on my own on and truly take my health into my own hands.

I interviewed top leaders in the heath space such as Dr. Bill Appelgate, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and JJ Virgin.

But I didn’t just write a book about health as a concept. I actually tried new ways of eating, breathing, sleeping, and relating to my stress- I experimented on myself like a human guinea pig! Unfortunately I bio-hacked my body a bit too much and paid a visit to the ER.

Emergency Room, February 2016.

Emergency Room, February 2016.

While writing the book and experimenting with a high-fat Ketogenic Diet, too much Bulletproof Coffee, and a lifestyle all about ‘high performance’ and not enough self-care, the perfect storm unfolded.

I collapsed at brunch with my family and paid a visit to the Emergency Room due to extreme dehydration. Two days later I was on a one-way flight to San Diego, CA to receive advanced blood testing and a consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor.

This also prompted 6 more chapters in my book about the importance of ‘measuring what matters’ in our health and building our own All-Star Healthcare Team. To learn more or grab a copy of this book, you can go here.

Elevate Your State- The Backstory

While some people may have seen my visit to the ER as a failure, I saw it as a learning experience. The real power I found during that time period was that I could take control of my health from the inside out by building a powerful All-Star Healthcare Team.

With my team I was able to co-create a customized nutrition and supplement game-plan based on what was going on inside of my body- blood work, genetics, etc. Plus, I focused on self-care more than ever, saw my health as a state of being (not a state of doing), and I gave my body a chance to heal and recover. After this targeted change in my own approach to health I decided I wanted to share it with the world- beyond the book!

So I led the first ever 3-day Experiential Health Hacking Retreat called ‘Elevate Your State’!


When I started Elevate Your State in 2017, my goal was simple: through conversation and connection, I wanted to help people see their health as their greatest asset and to share the secrets that helped me build a health hacker lifestyle- with more energy, less stress, and a smarter approach to my self-care and health-care. Plus, I wanted to bring people together to learn, play, and activate in a new experiential way!

Fast forward to today and the mission at Elevate Your State keeps unfolding. Elevate Your State has a dual meaning:

  1. To elevate your personal state of health, awareness, energy, etc. and

  2. To help elevate your (geographical) state/the community you live in!

Working with both individuals and organizations, I’ve now built an entire business around Elevate Your State and my book, The Art of Health Hacking. I lead online courses, in-person trainings and retreats, health hacking for high performance coaching masterminds, executive health and performance coaching, and much much more, all around expanding what’s possible in one’s quest to better health and performance. (To learn more about my offerings to employers you can go here.)


Purpose of the Podcast

In November of 2018 I launched The Elevate Your State Show. Featuring short and simple episodes on the best ‘health hacks’ for you to learn...and actually apply in your lifestyle to notice the benefits- improved energy and focus, a better relationship with stress, more confidence in your approach to healthcare and an overall calmer, quieter mind.

Use this weekly show as a healthy excuse to ‘take a break and take a breath’ during your workdays as you continue along your quest to becoming a smarter health hacker.

Plus, some of the actual podcast episodes involve some form of intentional mindfulness exercises for you to sloooow down and quiet (shhh…) the mind...so you can leave feeling peaceful and powerful all at the same time!

Thank You For Being Here!

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There is Always room for Progress…

"May we all pause and breathe. Let’s slow down to set our pace, and realize...it’s a journey and not a race. There are many ups and downs. The key is to ride the waves with love and grace."