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I'm TJ Anderson, and I’m here to help you ‘leverage your lifestyle’ and use your health as a powerful asset in the business of life.

Can you imagine what 10% more energy, 10% less stress, and 10% more mental clarity could do for your high-performing, busy lifestyle? That's what I'm here to help you achieve.

Since 2010 i’ve helped thousands of people take their health and performance to the next level. The common success variable? They focus on progress over perfection and they prioritize in order to optimize. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed at all, I get it. I’m here for you. I’ll catch you up quickly on the principles of health hacking below.

What is Health Hacking?

Here is My Definition


Health hacking is an efficient and effective self-coach approach to reaching the optimal, holistic health and sustainable performance one desires. Think of health hacking as a creative shortcut to optimizing your health as well as feeling and performing your best. It’s a mindset, it’s a practice, and it’s a way of life.

I wanted to make these health concepts more accessible to the average health-conscious consumer by answering a few important questions:

-       What are the fundamentals of reaching health optimization?

-       What are the greatest opportunities for a personal health revolution in this country?

-       How can we, as true health hackers, unite in a cohesive, uplifting manner?

Could we build a whole new model of healthcare characterized by high-quality, holistic healthcare teams and self-care strategies rooted in disease prevention, personal health empowerment, and radical self-care?

It involves going down the rabbit hole to realize how much is possible in our health, and when you get there, to understand that no matter where you currently are on the health spectrum, developing a more artful, creative approach to intentional and sustainable action is the key to our success.

The 5 P’s of Health Hacking.



As you’re learning, it’s important to ask yourself strong questions in our quest for better health. And it’s also important to master the principles of health hacking. Let’s start with this video, where I explain the 5 P’s of Health Hacking. As you watch, take note of which of the 5P’s you feel called to focus on the most.


You can even rank yourself on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest in terms of your current level of success for each area.

  1. Preparation. Being mindful of our health as we prepare for our day can make such a big difference. Whether it’s preparing our meals, packing a bag for the gym, traveling with a lacrosse ball to roll out your muscles on a business trip, or simply scheduling moments in your day for a mindfulness break, setting the intention to be mindful of our health can make a world of difference. Not only does it allow us to prepare for what we want (or have) to do, but also who and what we desire to be.

  2. Prevention. As we have discussed, so much sickness and disease is preventable. It’s also important to realize that feeling sluggish and worn out throughout the day is also preventable. We make healthy decisions because we want to feel good in the present, and also prevent feeling bad in the future.

  3. Performance. Health hacking is about creating what’s possible in our health so we are in a position to create the “impossible” in our life. Our health sets the stage for our ability to perform to the best of our ability. Our health impacts how we perform in our work, relationships, and every area of our life. Realizing and remembering this principle can bring clarity and focus to the “why” of what we are doing to improve or maintain our health. Our health can truly be an asset in our work and relationships, if we let it.

  4. Progress. Health hacking is an active approach. It is all about the journey, not the destination. Celebrating progress throughout our health optimization journey is vital to our continued motivation, interest, and success. When we reach a goal or complete a habit—great! Let’s give ourselves some credit and celebrate our progress.

  5. Presence. Last, but certainly not least, health hacking involves creating and maintaining presence in our everyday lives. Maintaining presence in our bodies and our minds allows us to go about our day in a peaceful and effortless way. Presence is living in the now. And it just may be the single most important principle of the 5 Ps of Health Hacking. We’ll dive into how we can cultivate more present moment awareness later on in the book.

    Now that we know a little bit more about what health hacking can mean, let’s take a look at what health hacking is not.

When we look to improve our health, it is important to remember that we are human. The intention is to learn and grow, while finding an optimal outcome—aiming for progress, not perfection.

How do we keep our focus on “good enough,” or set an intention to live with optimal, rather than perfect, health? The perfection mindset is not something that goes away easily. It is real and must be addressed. While directing a lot of time and energy to my modeling experience, I became overly focused on achieving what my agents would call a “tighter body.” I wanted to achieve 8 percent body fat. I wanted to look good for the cameras, and if I didn’t, I felt like a failure. I used to think a perfection mindset only applied to my experience with the physical body, but now I have realized that this perfection mindset does not start or end with the physical. In fact, the perfection mindset can be better understood within the context of the Four Areas of Macro Health:

  1. The Physical Body: How We Look in the Mirror. Our physical health is much more than how we look. More importantly, it’s about how you feel and function in your everyday life. Focusing only on your looks can lead to unhealthy thought patterns and feelings of not being “good enough.”

  2. The Mental Body: How We Relate to our Thoughts. We can also develop a perfection mindset toward the types of thoughts we have and how well we are able to perform certain mental functions, such as focus or memory. You are not your thoughts. You are more than your ability to think perfectly.

  3. The Emotional Body: How We Feel. Striving for the goal of feeling perfect all of the time can also be an unhealthy mindset. It’s OK to be stressed every now and then. It’s OK to not feel as energized or as happy as we would like. It is during these times that we can feel gratitude for the times we do feel energized and in control of our health.

  4. Our Actions And Behaviors: What we are doing, what we want to do, and who we want to be. Having a perfectionist approach towards our actual habits and behaviors can be unhealthy as well. It’s great to focus on making healthy decisions, but sometimes it’s OK not to visit the gym or yoga mat every day. It’s OK that you ate ice cream or chocolate.

    Remember, health hacking is not about perfection. It’s about being open to learning about and striving for health optimization. Seeking perfection in our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions can be a trap we can all fall into on any given day. Sometimes it seems that is how we are hardwired to think. It’s important to acknowledge these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for what they are—an interest in improving ourselves and being good enough in our own eyes and the eyes of others. Remember that it takes a different way of thinking to approve of ourselves where we are today.

What Health Hacking is NOT.

I’m here for you- as your guide to better health and performance.

I want to hear from you. I want to know what areas of your health interest you the most. And above all, I want the Elevate Your State ‘health hacking’ community to be a journey we go through together. That’s how we’ll grow and discover what else is possible!

I truly believe we don’t lack the health experts in our world. Rather, we lack the self-experts. So how can we learn from each other in our own quest for better health, less stress and sickness, and overall great life performance. You are now FREE to Elevate Your State of health and performance! Talk to you soon.

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