Need a Smart, Inspiring Speaker?

I’d be honored to speak for your next event.


I do custom talks for companies and conferences. Here are a few options to consider hiring me for:

**On-Site Keynote Presentation**

  • Includes one 60 Minute Presentation (30-40 Minute Talk with 20-30 Minutes of Q&A) on-site at a location of your choice.

    • Can be recorded and shared internally with all employees.

  • Potential Keynote Titles:

    • Becoming a Health Hacker- How to Leverage Your Lifestyle & Use Your Health as a Powerful Asset in 2019

    • Health Hacking thru Habit Stacking

  • Includes PDF version of all the slides

    • Can be emailed to everyone throughout the company after the talk

  • Includes One Self-Coaching Exercise

    • We can pass this out to everyone in person and I can share a PDF for those who can’t make the LIVE talk.

  • Includes one case of The Art of Health Hacking books

    • Valued at $480 (24 books per case), you can share these with the first 24 employees who attend the talk.

**ONLINE 'Healthy hustle’ WEBINAR**

Includes one 60 Minute Online Webinar delivered via TJ’s Zoom account or the webinar platform of your choice.

  • Intended for employees to access LIVE, but can also be recorded and sent out to all employees company wide

  • Topics can include, but are not limited too: The Feedback Loop of Presence, 3 Step Process for Sustainable Optimal Health Behavior Change, Habit Stacking 101, How to Build Your All-Star Healthcare Team, Top 10 Ways to ‘Trade Up’ Your Food, 5 Simple Sleep Hacks for Better Energy, Top 10 Stress Management & Recovery Hacks, Hydration & Light Therapy, and a Self-Coaching Exercise.

  • Potential Webinar Titles:

    • How to Avoid Burnout & ‘Health Hack’ Your 2019 To Create Sustainable Healthy Habits That Matter

      • Note: This webinar can be rolled out at any point and include any specific theme we’d like. This example is recommended to be used around the New Year/first few months of 2019

  • Includes one case of The Art of Health Hacking books

    • Valued at $480 (24 books per case at $20/book) per case or $960 total, you can share these books for free with the first 24 employees who attend the webinar.


Me after my talk at Google’s Boulder, CO Campus, July of 2018.

Me speaking at the Microbiome Medicine Event in October 2018.


LIVE Webinar I’m leading for Deloitte, Dec 2018.

If you’re interested in having me speak for your company or event- online or in person- CLICK the button below, fill out the form And we’ll be in touch soon!