#019: Food Philosophy, Feeding our Children Well & Tapping into the Magic Within with Jess and Jill of SHINE Restaurant & Potion Bar

Jess & Jill of SHINE EYS Podcast Image.jpg

Jessica, Jill & Jennifer are cofounders of SHINE Restaurant and Potion Bar as well as co-authors of the cookbook, EAT DRINK SHINE. Having made food their lives’ passion, The Shine Triple ‘Blissful Sisters’ as they call themselves, share their food philosophy, healthy living tips, family-­friendly recipes, and stories about sisterhood in their cookbook, EAT DRINK SHINE: Inspiration from Our Kitchen, Gluten-­Free and Paleo ­Friendly Recipes. The relationship you have to food is similar to the relationship you have with yourself and how you connect to the world. So what is your relationship to each of these aspects of life?

Sisters Jessica and Jill join us on the show today to cover some important topics- how important it is for restaurants to take action on bringing healthier options to the community, how to feed our children well, and how to tap into the magic within each and every one of us. And guess what, our show was filmed in front of a LIVE audience inside of SHINE the Restaurant! (The video version will come out soon.)

 When you’re done with this show, make sure to ask yourself how you are called to look deeper into the power we have to make healthy, magical food choices for yourself and our family. And if you haven’t been to Boulder or their SHINE Restaurant and Potion Bar, put it on your list to attend very soon! They're leading the way on how restaurants can provide healthy, well-sourced, nourishing food.  You can also check out their amazing cookbook, EAT DRINK SHINE, right here. Enjoy!


2:50 - how Shine restaurant started

8:44 - the values and infusion of those in culinary lifestyle

12:06 - how to choose a health conscious restaurant

14:30 - the shine potions

35:05 - how to make smart eating decisions as parents and for kids

41:40 - how the food kids eats impacts their mood and immune system

45:50 - tips on relating to your food and getting good intake

51:24 - what it means for the Shine sisters to elevate their state



45:52 - 45:58 “Really listening - like deep deep listening to your body. Your body really knows what it needs.”

46:43 -46:50 “Truly you know what’s best for your body. It’s important that people really listen.”

48:19- 48:25 “I think we underestimate what we can do in our homes, and how quick and simple it can be.”