#011: The Doctor of the Future is the Patient- Focus on the Fundamentals & The Power of Coaching with Dr. Sachin Patel

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Sachin Patel is a guardian of truth and a warrior of light. His superpower is taking complex ideas and distilling them down to their essence with easy to understand analogies. Sachin uses this gift to help transform the lives of thousands of people around the world through his organization, The Living Proof Institute. Sachin founded The Living Proof Institute as part of his own personal transformation. When he couldn’t find answers through conventional medicine he began to explore functional and lifestyle medicine and it dramatically changed his life. Tune in to learn exactly WHAT is functional medicine, how to approach self-care, and learn how the power of coaching may support your journey. Plus, Sachin shares his own recent personal health hacks he's deploying in his lifestyle! Enjoy the show! 


4:10 - what is functional medicine?

12:28 - the doctor of the future is the patient

17:54 - making a greater change in systems

20:20 - why hire a coach

22:19 - the value for self care

24:52 - the seven step approach to changing all areas of your life

29:21 - self care strategies

33:45 - health insurance vs. health assurance

36:47 - the keys to mastery with your health

40:18 - Sachin’s personal recent health hack




8:37 - 8:47 “People create their destiny. They create and organize matter based on the thoughts they are having continuously and the interpretation of what’s going on around them.”

9:30 -  9:41 “To be healthy is actually the only state that your body knows how to be in. All disease is in fact intelligent adaptation, it’s not a function.”

16:48 - 16:54 - “Poor health is what grounds us whereas great health is what allows us to ascend to different levels of consciousness.”

24:44 - 24:45 - “You always want to meet yourself where you are at.”

34:05 - 34:09 “We have to realize that health insurance is not health assurance.”