#020: How to Optimize Mental and Physical Performance through Genetic Testing with Alex Swanson

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Alex Swanson is the founder of Nutrition Genome and creator of the software Genetrition™. He is a second generation nutritionist and co-owner of Swanson Health Center, a private family clinical nutrition practice that has been in business for over 40 years. He is also the creator of the popular blog The Health Beat. Alex has worked as a personal trainer, private chef, and ran a global clinical nutrition practice for 12 years, with a focus on mental health, athletic performance, cancer, cardiovascular health, hormone optimization, and digestive health. Alex has a post-bacc in Nutrition Sciences from Basytr University in Washington state, an M.S. in Applied Nutrition and Business Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, a Certificate in Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics, and a Certificate in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford University.

He comes on the show today to discuss all things genetics. Specifically, how can we explore optimizing our mental and physical performance through genetic testing! I've been using Alex's testing company and platform with my clients recently and I'm loving the experience. They have a full back-end of nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation suggestions based on your genetics. If you're wanting actual guidance specific to you and your genes, Nutrition Genome may be your best bet. To learn more and consider ordering your genetic testing today, visit Nutrition Genome here.     


3:50 - Alex’s personal health hacking journey
10:35 - Nutrition Genome - when it was started and how it’s different from other genetic tests out there
14:30 - genetics related to exercise
22:46 - magnesium and other minerals and  how it affects genes
28:04 - the methylation cycle
33:22 - building an all star health team
36:06 - Alex Swanson’s online training (that is free)
41:00 - ApoE gene
56:14 - fat metabolism genes and genetics
1:01:20 - nutrition genome and pricing
1:05:09 - other important genes to highlight
1:12:13 - nootropics and tips when approaching using them
1:17:45 - genes and caffeine