#014: Neurohacking & Complexity Science for a Smarter Approach to Aging with Dr. Greg Kelly

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Dr. Gregory Kelly is a naturopathic physician, lead product formulator at Neurohacker Collective and author of the book Shape Shift. He was the editor of the journal Alternative Medicine Review and has been an instructor at the University of Bridgeport in the College of Naturopathic Medicine, where he taught classes in Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Counseling Skills, and Doctor-Patient Relationships. Dr. Kelly has published numerous articles on various aspects of natural medicine and nutrition, contributed three chapters to the Textbook of Natural Medicine, and has more than 30 journal articles indexed on Pubmed. His areas of special interest and expertise include nootropics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, weight management, and the chronobiology of performance and health.

Dr. Kelly comes on the show today to discuss some fascinating topics in the world of health optimization and human performance. From nootropic supplements, to complexity science, and what neurohacking really means, Dr. Kelly breaks down his and his teams work at NeuroHacker Collective, a neurotechnology company I wrote about in my book, The Art of Health Hacking.

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Show Notes:

6:28 - the kruger dunning effect

8:20 - complexity science

12:53 - complex adaptive systems

15:39 - Greg’s position with the company

16:46 - non-linear variability of the body

31:05 - task switching

37:49 - the value of DHA

42:29 - what they are up to in terms of longevity and anti-aging space

1:00:00 - his personal health hacks and what it means for him to elevate his state



6:35 - “The same skills we need to be good at something are the skills we need to realize we aren’t very good at.”

6:49 - “It’s not until we really start to learn about something, that we learn how much we don’t know.”

43:01 - “We definitely believe that ‘we’ is smarter than ‘me’ and that there is a lot of people that when together can do better things.”