#015: Better Focus & Energy Through The Power of Green Tea Matcha with Max Fortgang

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Brothers Graham & Max Fortgang discovered matcha while on the hunt for a better energy as college students and entrepreneurs in NYC. When they found it, they fell in love. They moved on to open America's first specialty matcha cafe, MatchaBar, in Brooklyn in 2014. Flash forward to now and they have 5 flavors in a glass bottled line (the 4th best selling tea at Whole Foods Markets nationwide) as well as their newer Energy Drink style matcha Hustle which comes in a can either sweetened or unsweetened. 

Max comes on the show today to explain the truth about the energy drink industry, explain what matcha is and how it works as a better, healthier form of focused energy. For context, I’ve been working with this company for the past year, serving as a brand ambassador promoting them throughout Boulder, CO.  

Their mission is to bring matcha to the people, and their motto is good things come to those who hustle. And I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy this episode and I strongly recommend you give their high-quality ceremonial grade matcha try! You’ll be glad you did. Here’s to doing the healthy hustle!


1:26 - how the brand MatchaBar was born (it’s not a bar you eat)

6:40 - why matcha over other teas

11:38 - what is matcha and where does it come from

15:20 - why it’s a better source of caffeine than some others (hint- L-Theanine)

21:35- TJ’s past visit to the Emergency Room for too much caffeine

24:08 - different grades of matcha

26:09 - how matcha is grown

32:20 - “The Hustle”

40:05 - what it means for Max to elevate his state



“We were fascinated by that cross-section between focus and energy. It’s exactly what we were looking for and is kinda what we want every time we reach for coffee or an energy drink.”

“Good things come to those that hustle.”