#018: The Hidden Role of Oxygen to Boost Health, Recovery & Performance with Live O2 Founder, Mark Squibb

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Mark Squibb is the inventor and CEO of LiveO2. LiveO2 is the first of a kind oxygenation technology that uses Adaptive Contrast to achieve unprecedented oxygenation levels. Mark created LiveO2 in order to free himself and his family from the medical system. Within months of using his oxygenation technology, his health problems were gone. Fast forward to today Live O2 has evolved into an easy and fast system to maximize mental and physical performance and create healing for those who need it.  

He come son the show today to discuss the power of oxygen and specifically how is oxygenation technology system LiveO2, works to accelerate healing, recovery and and overall performance. I first tried out his system at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in 2017, and boy was it a game changer! Enjoy the listen, and if you're interested in purchasing your own unit or recommending a local gym/practitioner in your area to acquire this technology, you can visit this link here.    


2:22 - the hidden power of oxygen and how Mark discovered it

7:19 - adaptive contrast and what it means

14:29 - stress and oxygen

22:43 - simple action items to increase your oxygen naturally and hacking your oxygen intake

24:25 - HIIT and how LiveO2 relates

34:44 - the benefits of LiveO2 vs. Oxygen Bar

47:50 - contraindications for Live02

49:59 - fatigue and how it relates to exercise




11:56 - 12:01 - “It’s nothing but common sense that an oxygenated brain will function better than a less oxygenated brain.”

12:14 - 12:25 - “Having your body well oxygenated from head to toe is probably one of the most important and also one of the most simple things that anyone can do."

57:05 - 57:11 "Be all you can be and help everyone around you be all they can be… and maybe more.

Here is a picture of the Adaptive Contrast Oxygenation System from LiveO2

Here is a picture of the Adaptive Contrast Oxygenation System from LiveO2