Less Doing, More Living- How to Stress Less & Plan for Peak Performance with the Power of Flow States

Ari Meisel EYS Podcast Image.jpg

Our relationship with stress starts is quite fascinating. And our modern-day love for hard work and productivity plays a big impact. So how can we properly plan our day to stress less and perform at our peak? Tune in to learn the secrets from my next guest, Ari Meisel- Founder of Less Doing. Enjoy!

Things we cover in this episode:

  • Ari’s personal wellness journey

  • the struggles for entrepreneurs and high performers that creates more ‘doing’

  • accountability, measuring and sharing

  • why stressing less is important and hard to do

  • anti-stress strategies

  • the three D’s decision matrix, peak times and flow states

  • optimizing flow states with nutrition

  • sleep optimization and hacks

  • what it takes for you to make a big lifestyle change

  • what your biggest business challenge is based on your revenue



“If the things that happen day to day stop with you then you are a bottle neck an more importantly a liability [to your business].”

“Taking control of the information is probably the biggest first step.”

“If you look at email as a matrix as an opportunity to be better at decisions in general, it’s a really good tool.”

“Everything lives in a place and there is nothing lost. So I don’t have to worry…”

“Changes for them to be sustainable need to come intrinsically from yourself.”