#010: Fad or The Real Deal? The What, How & Why of Kombucha with Hannah Crum

Hannah Crum's EYS Podcast Image.jpg

Hannah Crum, aka “The Kombucha Mamma”, comes on the show to discuss the what, why and how of Kombucha! Hannah pioneered the Kombucha Kamp educational workshop in 2004 out of her small Los Angeles kitchen. Along with husband Alex LaGory, they created www.KombuchaKamp.com, the top informational site with a mission to “Change the world, one gut at a time,” by providing quality information, quality cultures and quality customer support. Through Kombucha Kamp’s videos, blog posts, online support communities, and award winning, Amazon Best Seller “The Big Book of Kombucha”, they serve as mentors and the leading experts in Kombucha to millions of Kombucha lovers from all corners of the earth.

Show Notes:

1:52 - what is Kombucha

6:35 - making Kombucha at home

10:57 - the role of sugar and why you need it for making Kombucha

14:44 - about the scoby and how you can use every piece of the kombucha culture

15:30 - about the tea and which one to use for Kombucha

19:29 - biofeedback and how kombucha helps with that

25:18 - why I (TJ) personally drink kombucha - health benefits and more

26:16 - why YOU should drink kombucha - health benefits and more

33:00 - how to know when you are craving something good for you vs. not good for you

39:07 - how to know that you are choosing the best commercial source when buying kombucha





19:11  - “Kombucha picked me, I am just the ambassador…”

20:33 - “This is where kombucha is a gateway into a whole other world of listening to the biofeedback of your body tells you - this is where the slogan of trust YOUR GUT means… when you start listening to how your body responds to nutrients it allows you to trust your instincts.”

21:53 - “If you can’t see how it’s done it’s magic… and that’s how I think about microbes. Microbes are magic.”

33:55 - “Your gut has to be to be in order before your brain can be in order.

49:49 - “Manifest the best version of yourself.”