#022: The Quantified Self- Hacking & Tracking Your Health & Performance Data with David Korsunsky

David Korsusnky EYS Podcast Image.jpg

David Korsunsky is the CEO & Founder of Heads Up Health, a state-of-the-art health data tracking platform built for the individual consumer to have more awareness and take smarter action in their health. David has fifteen years of experience working for industry leading technology firms and most recently served as Director of Technical Alliances at VMware, Inc. where he led strategic partnerships with global EHR companies including EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, GE, Allscripts and many more.

As an avid health enthusiast, he recognized an opportunity to build a software solution that makes it easier for anyone to take control over their health through better use of their data. David comes on the show today to explain the mission of Heads Up Health, the value of health data and it's impact on behavior change. With Heads Up Health's data-tracking platform you can easily link your medical records from over 30,000 doctor's offices, compile your complete health history and see the BIG picture as you adopt healthy diet and lifestyle changes. I've been using HUH's platform for the last 6 months and it's led to some powerful realizations and connections in my own health. I would recommend you take David up on their free trail. But no matter what, enjoy the show! 


2:43 - about Heads Up Health

10:49 - the value of Heads up Health and having all their data in one spot

21:52- why it’s important to take control of your health metrics

27:26 - integrative functional medicine and it’s roll in David’s life

29:46 - the rise of the smart patient and practitioner and their relationship

32:44 - TJ shares his screen on the video and gives a peek at the Heads Up Health platform

35:35 - the functional glucose tolerance test and why you should do it

38:25 - monitoring HRV data

43:52 - the over objectified self and when data can become counter productive

48:07 - David’s go-to strategies for health creation



6:14-6:18 - “Data can drive behavior change. Just seeing numbers can drive behavior change.”

17:54 - 18:07 “People are starting to recognize that conventional medicine is largely an acute solution. And for a lot of the things we are working on you need other types of healthcare expertise.”

36:37 - 36:55 “I would say that understanding which foods jack your blood sugar and which foods don’t is probably one of the most important things you can learn.”