The Paradigm Shift- Simple Hacks to Fix Your Brain & Protect Yourself from Everyday Toxins in Our Modern Day World

Dr. Tom O'Bryan EYS Podcast Image.jpg

I met Dr. Tom O’Bryan at a healthcare conference this past summer. He is considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and metabolic disorders, teaching that the underlying mechanisms that trigger the development of chronic disease are the key to health. If you’re looking for simple ways you can avoid toxins in our modern day world and want to fix underlying issues in your health, then this episode is for you.


  • 2:25 - Tom’s personal health story

  • 4:02 - electromagnetic pollution and neurological switching

  • 6:07 - the pyramid of health

  • 17:52 - why you should take your shoes off before entering your home

  • 20:45 - the evolution of how we view healthcare

  • 23:55 - approaching a lifestyle/health change with only 1 hour a week

  • 32:00 - the gut brain connection - when you fix your body, you fix your brain

  • 34:18 - neural zoomed test for preventative autoimmunity

  • 45:05 - simple sniff test that detects oncoming Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

  • 50:43 - where the current trend of toxic effects on humanity is going

  • 55:00 - health hacks Tom is using



20:58 - 21:01 “You have to protect yourself because the world’s not going to do it.”

20:45 - 20:58 “The way we looked at healthcare 10 years ago is archaic. You can’t do it anymore because you will develop a disease. You have to have a much bigger picture view to protect yourself and to protect your family.”

51:29 - 51:34 “We have to think differently than the generation before thought”

51:35 - 51:45 - “The problems we’ve created today can not be solved with the same thinking that created the problem. - Einstein

57:03 - 57:06 “You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable to change the planet.”