#021: Health Hacking Your Sex Life: How to Boost Libido, Arousal, Hormones & Sensation with Dr. Katherine Zagone

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Dr. Katherine Zagone is a Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Director for Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine in Los Angeles. She is an expert and advocate for sexual wellness and takes a comprehensive and individualized approach to help each patient uncover root causes and restore optimal health.

In this episode we dive into all aspects related to sexual health. From libido, arousal, hormones and sensation, Dr. Zagone will help you reflect on your sex life and ask yourself where you want it to be. We also dive into a LOT of the science of our hormones and her favorite health hacks our approach so we can optimize our levels. Katherine also happens to be a great friend, business partner, and my personal Health Hacker Approved Doctor!! To learn more about here work you can visit Gentera’s website here.

In my men’s high performance health coaching practice I bring Dr. Zagone to each of my clients. Together, Katherine and I help men customize their nutrition, supplement and lifestyle gameplan based on their advanced blood and genetic testing markers.

Men: If you’re interested in learning more about this work, you can reach out to me at: tj anderson 10 @ gmail. She is accepting some telemedicine clients and patients through my health coaching practice.

Women: I can also refer you to work with Katherine 1-on-1, but without me as I only coach men.


2:10 - Katherine’s sexual wellness program at Gentera center for regenerative health

4:26 - why Katherine started integrating sexual practices in her naturopathic medicine practice

8:20 - what are the things people can look for in their relationship

15:14- prescription pre-work gummy (aka- a microdose of cialis)

16:40 - how much sex do you need to have to get health benefits

18:45 - examples of what hormones and objective data to look at

23:06 - the most common types of hormone profiles she sees

27:05 - the importance of sexual health

32:12 - simple yet powerful health hacks for better sexual health (heavy leg days for boosting T, exercise in general to improve circulation, and the top two foods for sexual health

34:30- men: how to create connection with your woman so she feels safe, loved, cherished and adored.

36:35- why both men and women should slow down (read Slow Sex book)



  • 2:45 - 3:00 - “What’s really cool is seeing how the life affects the sex and the sex affects the life and where we can give a little impetus, a little inspiration into that, to shift the upward spiral of health.”

  • 35:07-35:09 - “If you are wanting more from your woman… then give her more.”

  • 36:38 - 36:50 - “Slow down. Be present with your breath. Be present with the sensations… it’s really a good way to tune your nervous system into higher perception which translates into more pleasure.