From Sick-Care to Self-Care- How One Doctor Went From Western Medicine to Integrative Medicine and Never Looked Back with Dr. Andrew Nish

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Ever wonder how our western medicine doctors think about our approach to healthcare in the US? Tune in to hear one doctor's story of how he left Western Medicine for Integrative Medicine after changes he made in his own personal health journey. You'll leave feeling inspired to cultivate your own practices of mindfulness and intention in your own health journey. 

Dr. Andrew Nish is an Integrative Medicine Specialist, Interventional Radiologist, Medical director of the John Stoddard Cancer Center in Des Moines, Iowa, adjunct clinical professor at Des Moines University and fellow in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Show Notes:

6:58 - changing the trajectory of a disease someone has and

10:22 - pathogenesis vs. salutogenesis - what this means and why it’s important

11:48 - why you need to understand how your healthcare team is trained and what they are doing for you

18:10 - the corporatization of health

20:14 - tips for health professionals that want to change the conversation around healthcare

21:57 - top 3 key lifestyle changes Andrew made and can say from experience make the largest difference in health

34:45 - productivity goals in healthcare and how the metrics of healthcare systems work

41:33 - stat on the 3rd leading cause of death that you probably don’t know (medical errors)




“Health is up to you. You can change the trajectory of your health. Your doctor’s probably not going to do it, their going to manage the disease… but you can change the trajectory of that disease.” - 8:32-8:44

“Change your reality. Everyone can do it. You can project and you can make the reality you want.” - 29:06 -  29:14

“It’s so fundamentally important that people understand that the best thing they can do is take control of their own health.” - 40:43-40:52

“Healthcare as we know it today may not be there for you tomorrow.” - 41:17-41:21