Living Beyond 120- The Truth about Heart Health, Injury Prevention & How to Hack Your Genetics for Longevity & Performance with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

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Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, MD, FACC (fellow of the american college of cardiology), reformed interventional cardiologist comes on the show to discuss heart health, longevity and human performance. And as founder of Apex and Co-Founder of Living Beyond 120, he has now dedicated his time towards health, human performance and longevity optimization. We met at a healthcare conference in 2018 and hit it off right away. If you've ever wanted to reverse your own aging process and learn the truth about heart health, this is a must listen. Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • 2:21 - ‘reformed interventional cardiology’ and Jeffery’s background

  • 7:00 - moving from a sick care system to a well care system

  • 9:04 - individualized tools and wellness paths (root cause analysis)  vs. what the medical system gives you

  • 11:40 - healthcare system and training and how they approach wellness

  • 15:56 - advice for building your personalized healthcare team

  • 19:52 - heart health and disease prevention

  • 23:28 - nutrition for heart health

  • 25:55 - genetics and nutrition

  • 42:25 - Jeff’s favorite health hacks




6:27 - 6:34: “I got to a point where I was thinking I’ve gotten so much better here… I wonder how good I can be.”

7:00 - 7:04: “When you’re in a sick care system, you’re really handcuffed to the payers.”

10:32 -  10:36 “You’re not really trained in the medical profession to look at root cause analysis.”

16:56 - 17:03 “If you are looking to really optimize the people you are working with [in healthcare], you need to find people that are asking the same questions you are.”

22:04 - 22:10 “Probably 80% of our health is related to the food we consume”