Becoming a Lighthouse for Others, the Fit Father Project & Building Momentum in Your Health Hacker Lifestyle.

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Three years ago I met a guy in Las Vegas at an entrepreneurship event who was finishing naturopathic medical school, running his own health and fitness business, and of course, hacking his own health. And as you may imagine, we hit it off.

So much so I invited Anthony to write the forward for my new book, The Art of Health Hacking. We cover a lot of great topics in this first episode of The Elevate Your State Show. I hope you enjoy!

Things we cover in this episode:

  • the intention of the Elevate Your State Show

  • Anthony’s story on how/why he became a health hacker

  • the phases of your journey when you commit to health hacking

  • the values  of health hacking as a movement and why you need to look inward out rather than outward in

  • the foundations of wellness that really keep you happy and functioning

  • helpful tips as you grow in your health habits and how that affects your relationships and identity

  • the importance of getting AM sunlight



“What started as a very organic thing that was as much as much spiritual healing as it was physical blossomed into a passion to help other people at any walk of life figure out how they can optimize their health journey so they can be in it for the long game and help their family do the same”

“It’s never ‘easy’, and the path reveals itself as you walk forward.”

“If we want to have something that is actually going to stick for the long haul we need to always be thinking about what kind of habit do I need to create that is going to cause the least amount of friction in your life.”

“It’s very possible to get massive results with  small hinges.”

“The things that worked for you five years ago, might not be the things that will work for you five years from now, might not be the things that help you stay healthy in your 90’s… this is the fun of this evolving journey is that we stay fluid, we listen to our bodies and continue to update our methods.”