The Science of CBD- How to Calm the Mind, Reduce Pain & Heal the Body with the Ancient Wisdom of Nature

James Sol Radina EYS Podcast Image.jpg

James Sol Radina, a good friend, fellow health hacker and founder of EADLabs- makers of BioCBD- comes on the show to talk about the science of CBD, the non-psychoactive component in marijuana/hemp. A powerful show about the potential benefits of CBD for pain, performance, prevention and healing! Enjoy!


  • 1:33 - Jame’s background and growing up on a sustainable farm

  • 7:36 - being an entrepreneur and finding balance to overworking

  • 11:21 - spirit/health/environment/purpose - where is your time and energy and focus going

  • 17:00 - learning about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and case study that changed Jame’s mind on CBD

  • 22:08 - the breakdown of what Cannabis is and what CBD is

  • 26:36 - endocannabinoid system, what it is and how it works

  • 40:00 — the three different ways to take CBD