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What’s Your Health Story?


Hey friends,

Yes, I’m a health nut. But I didn’t always use to be.

You see, we all have what I call different “Health Stories”. That is, we all have different backgrounds, experiences, and environments that have played a role in our current health.

In my experience, the key is reflecting on these “stories”, understand more than anything I like to feel energized, work on things I care about, and spend quality time outside, eating great food, and building REAL relationships. If that sounds like you then you deserve a “Health Yeah!” And if you’re wondering...what’s going to be on this website once it evolves, my answer- not sure. I have a few projects I’m working on right now (such as launching a book called The Art of Health Hacking, and holding an event in the Mountains.)

But this is my promise….

I will be authentically me every step of the way.

I’ve got nothing to hide.

This is not your standard “health and fitness” blog filled with pictures and recipes of healthy food. This is something different. This is about expanding our consciousness, exploring our health, and mastering our Self in an effortless and artful way from a whole new perspective.

(NOTE: If you’re wondering about what it means to me to be a “health hacker”, keep reading.)

HINT: I won’t be stealing your health data anytime soon. I’m a different kind of “hacker”.

To me..


I’m a passionate “self coach” who believes anyone and everyone can take ownership of their health and learn for themselves how they can upgrade their health, prevent sickness, and live a life filled with meaning and purpose. And they can also build a powerful, cost-effective, and prevention minded healthcare team in the process.  

Your Next Level Health & Energy starts here, my friends.